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Elevator Production Requirements 

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator  

3 Stop Elevator

440 Spring Forest Dr.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 32168

Tel: 386/423-7226 Fax: 386/427-4763 

Measurement Definitions:

It is absolutely critical to take into consideration the

complete measurement, surface-to-surface, unless

the lowest level floor covering (i.e. carpet, tile, hardwood )

is not going to be installed or if it will be removed

at the time of our elevator installation.

 Home Owner Name: 

     Customer Phone:     *required field


               City, State: 

     ZIP/Postal Code: 

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Please Specify Measurements in Feet and/or Inches

 H1 =           H2 =

 H3 =           T1 =

 T2 =

Remote Head Option (Required if H3 is less than 107")


Door Options Option A (All levels will have doors on same side)

Option B (2nd Floor Door opens opposite 180 Degrees To Other Doors)

Option C (2nd and 3rd Floor Doors Open 180 Degrees To 1st Floor Door)

Option D (3rd Floor Door Opens 180 Degrees To Other Doors)


From Inside The Elevator: Doors Always swing To The Left

  NOTE:   I certify that the information as listed above is correct to within for each measurement, in order for us to

order the elevator for the correct lifting heights at each level.   We will order your elevator based on the measurements

and specifications  listed on this  sheet.  Any errors in information provided may be subject to addtional charges.