The stair lifts Daytona Elevator offers are quite simply the best technology in stair lifts available today. If handling stairs in your home is difficult or unsafe, let a us help you save you the trouble and pain of struggling up and down. With its smooth rack and pinion drive and battery power, the stair lift can effortlessly take you up and down either a straight or curved stairway, even during a power outage. Its neutral color and modern appearance can coordinate with practically any décor, and its slim rail and carriage saves room on the steps to allow others to access past the stair lift.
Daytona Elevator also offers a curved stair lift that is designed for residential use. The innovative design of the this stair lift makes it the ideal companion for people with mobility needs who have unusual stairways... and all at a friendly price!
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If you have ever had surgery, been injured or have lost the ability to get around, a Stair Lift Rental is now available to ease your pain.

When all you need is a temporary solution to a mobility problem, renting one of our stair lifts is an economical way to navigate the stairs short-term.

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