This is an aluminium / Plexiglas enclosure vertical wheel chair platform lift designed specifically for outdoor applications. The enclosure is made of aluminium and Plexiglas insert panels. The platform and drive system are treated with electro-plated yellow zinc. Clearly, this unit is constructed to resist corrosion. This lift comes with full height doors, enclosure extension, Plexiglas dome and active ventilation with one-hour battery back-up system for your safety and comfort.


This vertical wheel chair platform lift has been carefully designed to provide easy access for the physically challenged. The ACME screw drive system offers a safe and reliable operation for its users. This ruggedly constructed lift has been proven for both indoor and outdoor applications.
This vertical wheel chair platform lift is designed to meet today's safety code requirements like ASME A18.1 and CSA-B613 for residential use. You can count on the fact that this lift will always be there when you need it.


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